Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Mike Maldonado in Welcome to Hell

  Still love this part.  No flip in flip outs or biggerspins, just raw, solid power.

Monday, March 29, 2010

A couple clips

Since blogspot has made it seemingly impossible for me to upload videos on here, I put a few clips from the last couple of sessions together.  Have a looksee:

For whatever you may find it necessary, you can also find the video here.

2/28/10, 3/14/10: 1.5 Times the Fun

  With my internet back to a functional state, I give you not one funday's documentation, but one and a half!  One and a half because the second is only a few pictures.  Here you go...

  Way back in February we all met up in Tacoma.  The crew included myself, Jake, Eric, Cody, Dave, Max, Reilly, Zeb, and Kevin.  We started out at this quarterpipe where much fun was had.  Aaron Reid showed up too and immediately started throwing out ridiculous tricks like nollie cab flip to axle stall and his signature bigflip back tail, which he also did into both back smith and 5-0 I believe.

Kevin, crail
Kevin, boneless
Aaron, bigflip back tail
Max, back noseblunt under the supervision of Jake and Reilly
Zeb admiring Max's twig
The mastermind and his two beloveds
Typical Reilly

  We moved onto this place with a bunch of piles of steel lying around which were apparently conducive to back lips.

Sometimes this maneuver can be tricky...
Eric, back lip
Max, back lip.  Note the nub at the end that he had to pop over.  This picture does not do the trick justice.

  And now, as promised, a few pictures from March 14th, mainly Sir Cody Sewell switch ollieing a fence.

Josh and Wes
Camera 1
Camera 2

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

this is for dave

RIP sir reginald

Thursday, March 18, 2010

moving on.....

As most of my friends know,A huge event is taking place in my life.Owning a home.Something I never dreamed possible,often wondering how I might move forward ,expecting to be old and grey still residing in this decrepit abode.
Nickole and I moved in here after we were married in 1998,not sure what to expect or how long we may be able to stay.But slowly we became comfortable and made tentative plans to reside here for a long time.Dreams of construction and creation were abundant.After a few years I realized what I had access to, a private stretch of black top that I could do as I pleased with, and slowly my private skatepark was erected.

Over the years it changed and grew and finally it became what any slightly anti social skater could hope for,seclusion.Now with my days remaining here being less than two,I had my last small session here this morning, and I remembered all the goodness that existed outside my door, and how much I will miss the cool morning sessions I enjoyed on the regular.Hopefully I will continue my legacy at the new waite estates, but for now I will find my stoke where it may lie, in the alleys and parking lots with my family in tow.Thanks to anyone who came over and enjoyed reginald and basked in his glow.I'm gonna miss you buddy......

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Holding it down in T-town.

Cody and I met up today at the Sledges in the effort of shooting some skateboarding photographs for The Berrics or whatever Dave might have needed them for. Shot a few of Cody doing bs nosegrind nollie bs 180 out on the outward curved ledge. Steez. Stuck it too. Hopefully the photos turn out. We cruised out to the 11th Street bridge in the hopes of getting maybe a good wallie photo but just found a shit load of construction. We eyed up the jersey barrier and Cody talked about doing his ollie to fakie into it which he successfully landed without me being able to get the footy. Shot some photos of it too. Looking forward to getting the film back. I landed a few backside ollies really ugly but we accidently had my cell phone's video thing on too low of resolution so they look terrible. Here's a pretty cool shot Cody took of me ollieing. Did some post production to get it to look what I imagine the film photo will look like.

And a little video of Cody hurting himself just because.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

some old shit

it was only me eric and luke today...

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Palace skateboards

New company coming out with Olly Todd manning the helm.
Boards look great and so is the promo.

dropping the proverbial ball

My blogging skills have failed again,but this day was awesome and my photos are not.I'm not sure why but I always give up after the first spot or two.Hopefully I can step my game up.
Eric is a very detail oriented board assembler,all bolts tightened to precise maximum performance standards.
Zebs board was held captive at an undisclosed coffee house in downtown tacoma,the word vagisil was repeated multiple times and codys hairdresser was not amused.
We roll deeeeeep.
My photos are out of order and frankly it's too much work to make it like a story, and since i gave up taking photos 1/4 of the way during the day it makes no sense.
Only cody pounds cappuccino.
My all seeing eye.Matt,batter up.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Recent Photos

Just got an AE 1 Program. Super stoked. Here are some of my attempts at using it to capture some recent villager outings.

Funday, February 28th 2010.

Started the day at Foss.

Eric had to set up a fresh one.

Brave Captain's arrival.

Add another to the gallon files.

Then off to McKinley quarterpipe where clips were gotten, jugs were chugged, and fun was had by all.

Here Zebediah goes offroad.

Jake and his robotic eye.


Eric with the jug chug.

And two pictures of Mattycakes from a different day.