Monday, August 30, 2010

Send Me Footy pt. 4: "Seattle Is Keen"

  I'm bored so here's a short one.  Another aspect of the videos I enjoy are the titles given to them by Jake.  This one was labeled "Seattle is keen."

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Send Me Footy pt. 3: "New" // ACS 2010 snippits

Also, here are the few pictures I took today during All City Showdown:

Stretching is painful sometimes

Eric Logan: MVP

Landing tricks makes you smile

We won't be winning any prize money, but it was a super fun and successful day!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Send Me Footy pt. 2

I distinctly remember this being the coldest day of Winter, 06'.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Send Me Footy pt. I: "Stuff"

Back in the day when us would-be villagers were still in high school and living at our respective parents' houses, we would spend many nights talking on AIM with each other, primarily about skateboarding. We'd talk about new videos, magazines, tricks, and so on, but it would inevitably come down to our own footage. Jake Knapp, being the main filmer/editor and, thus, holder of thy sacred footy, would be ceaselessly harassed to share anything and everything that was newly filmed amongst our group of friends. He would share his harvest by sending us little videos, usually consisting of nothing but raw footy, and that would tide us over for the next few days or so. I also love that they are mostly footage from one day of skating. A lot of these tricks ended up in Sorry We're Open but the vast majority remains primarily unseen.
I recently rediscovered a large quantity of these little videos on my computer and decided they should be shared with others who may enjoy them. I decided to post one or two up every weekend starting today. Be warned, they mostly date back to 2005, when the world was a much different place. Love them, hate them, the choice is yours. I hope you enjoy.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

8/13/10-8/15/10: Plundering Villagers (Funday 7)

So we took a way overdue camping trip to Oregon this past weekend. The crew included Zeb Bruser, Luke Elliot, Eric Logan, Jake Knapp, Josh Peterson, Cody Sewell, Andy Snyder, Dave Waite, and myself Matt Nielsen. We ended up staying right next to Windell's, allowing us to skate the holy grounds as much as we could. Two days of skating there was not even close to enough. I didn't take as many pictures or videos as I would've liked, as I was so engulfed in skating myself, but here's what was captured:

The above video takes care of most of the pictures, but here are the highlights of the trip.

We all met up at Eric's house to pack up, go over the game plan, get hyped, etc.

The three whips (left to right: Cody's, Jake's and Andy's)

Our first stop was the Kelso park, which was super fun, as you can probably tell from the picture below. Such smooth, fast tranny and fun weird things to be discovered. Apparently some locals of Oregon refer to it as "janky." That's the difference between Oregon and Washington I guess...

Next, we hit up Battleground. It was ridiculously hot and very hard to stay skating for more than ten minutes at a time. Nonetheless, everyone ripped the place apart, including Eric seen below front rocking a beast.

Finally we met up with Dave's friend Tim, who used to work at Windell's and was the guy who made all of this possible (much thanks to him). He led us to this sick camping spot in the middle of the woods. We set up tents, got some food going, and settled down for the night. By settling down, I mean we began a multiple hour long drinking, yelling, singing, music playing, yelling, laughing, eating, yelling session which took us well into the night. Good good times.

We awoke early, ate, and headed out to Windell's.

Hard to tell, but this was Windell's. That thing they're sitting on isn't even part of the park, and there was stuff like this everywhere you looked. In fact, the park took up maybe one sixth of the property. There was also and indoor park, crazy front area with ramps going through trees and the like, a bmx course, even a fucking mega ramp. This place had it all, and it was all amazingly well constructed and ridiculously fun. I wish I took more pictures and stuff, but I couldn't help satisfying my own skateboard urges.

I don't need to tell you what was done here.

Moments before Eric tried to pull the canoe onto shore with Josh still in it...

...dumping him in the water.

Some of us went back to Windell's again later that night to try and get some more skating in. It got dark pretty quickly, but there was one ramp that was still lit up. Zeb took the opportunity to do this gnarly tail drop. What you might not be able to tell from this picture is that the transition is about four feet away from the edge of the roof. Obviously, it wasn't a problem for Zeb.

This night was even crazier than the last. The smarter ones who tried to get some sleep found no such thing over the shouts and rampage spewed by the remaining troopers. Sorry...

Alas, it was time to leave. We packed up and headed out to this secluded swimming hole Tim told us about to get nice and refreshed for the trip back.

This place had a fun little cliff to jump off of, which we took full advantage of.

After swimming, we headed out to our last stop, the Hood River park, where much fun was had despite fatigue and heat. Again, Zeb killed it with a precise gap ollie into a skinny back. On the way there, we pulled over to take some majestic photos.

Eric, of course, threw rocks down the hill.

Brave Captain ponders the next excursion.

Overall, it was an awesome trip. We all skated way too much than our bodies would have liked us to, ate good food, drank good drinks (besides the mandatory PBR), laughed, argued, yelled, sang, hardly slept, and just enjoyed each other's company. Thank you fellow villagers!

Friday, August 13, 2010

everyone's in oregon.


Wednesday, August 4, 2010

an update

Sadly, no real Funday came to fruition this weekend, but that didn't keep Dave from getting his slice of the Funday pie

While Dave was crushing the curbs of Kent, Zebbediah Bruiser and I set aside time to figure out how to put classy images like this on skateboards. Soon that meeting dissolved into us going to Foss where we met up with one Cody Sewell, Matt Goreman, and eventually, one Dave Waite himself.

Meanwhile back in Seattle, Matt Neilsen kept himself busy by destroying his foot/ankle in a much cooler way than skateboarding, a wizard's duel!

I can only speculate how those villagers not aforementioned decided to spend their day. I imagine Jake spent the day growing out his beard in the presence of Yukari, Josh managed to squeeze in some skating between his innumerable daddy duties, Luke got off work at 2pm, forever fucking up his day, Reilly skated a place where a lot of people knew who he was, Wes lived the life he lives, behind a shroud of secrecy and mystery, and Andy took post modern abstract photos of his 3 square meals of the day.

After a hearty miniramp session with all those villagers and balsamic associates who could attend, Dave headed home, probably to lay pipe in his new abode. Matt Goreman, Cody Sewell, our good friend and Cody's significant other Jacqueline and myself met back at Cody's place where to Jacqueline's ever growing disgust, we pigged out on beers galore, and bbq potato chips that tasted alarmingly like they were actually barbecued as we wound down the night watching the Future War episode of Mystery Science Theater 3,000 on Netflix.

And dear reader, at last... the world was quiet.