Sunday, January 24, 2010

1/24/10 (Funday 3)

This was one of the best fundays in a long time, and not a second too soon. We all met up at Greenlake park. We skated there for a while, which was also one of the more fun sessions at Greenlake in a long time.

Not surprisingly, we got rained out.

We got some food and discussed our next course of action, which turned out to be a nearby garage, also not surprisingly.

It's known as smelly garage.
We skated there for quite a while (see video below) before moving on.
We had planned to skate a garage in Fremont with wallrides, but immediately realized that the security guard sitting at the top of the garage would not be allowing this.
While trying to figure out where to go next, I looked behind me and saw Eric scaling a twenty foot fence. A few minutes later, he's back and telling us to pull around to the other side where we could get in without climbing the deathly fence.
What he had discovered turned out to be the find of the decade. Or century.

I guess Eric felt that in finding this place, he had to conquer it, and he did just that with this wallride. Note the pole about a foot above his head. This was no joke.
So good I put up both pictures of it. Unfortunately, I didn't take a video. When I asked Eric if he wanted to do it again, he said "Yeah, with Jake."
After a good hour session, we finally got kicked out, or rather escorted out.
By this man.

For some reason the video below is cut off and I don't know how to fix it. Go here for the full thing.


This was a pretty random day. We ended up skating a parking lot most of the time, thus proving that smooth ground is all you need.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Our failed Younited Nation entry

Hope you like it better than they did!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

this oughtta' keep you busy

until we produce something skate-oriented